The tiled stove is in many respects an exceptional product. One advantage that few other fireplaces can match is the smooth and slow heat release that creates an exceptionally pleasant indoor climate.

Compared to other fireplaces, a tiled stove has a number of benefits, one of the most important ones being the smooth and pleasant heat release.The tiled stove emits an average of 2,5 kW per hour, which is perceived as pleasant. A tiled stove is heavy and it is its large mass that accumulates the heat from the fire and the flue gases via the flue ducts, and then slowly releases it into the surroundings.

A traditional wood-burning stove gives off about 5-7 kW at its hottest and cools down as soon as the fire goes out. This great temperature fluctuation, which we call the sauna effect, is often perceived as unpleasant and usually ends with airing.

In new energy-smart houses, this difference is even more noticeable and therefore the tiled stove is an excellent alternative for those who want to combine the comfort of the fire’s flame with a pleasant indoor climate.


The tiled stove has many advantages that in different ways will gild life in the homes where they stand

Security – keeps the home warm, bright and cozy in the event of loss of other energy sources such as electricity and district heating.

Finances – an investment that, according to real estate statistics, increases the value of the home at the same time as it reduces the cost of heating during use.

Timeless – a quality product with a timeless design that will exist and be used for generations.

Decorative – is as much a beautiful piece of furniture as a heat source. A cultural heritage worth nurturing.

Efficiency – a measured efficiency of 92.4% is very few that exceeds.

Low emissions – with a modern fireplace cassette and the long flue gas ducts, a tile stove from Gabriel achieves low emission levels. We easily meet both Swedish and international requirements