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Gabriel kakelugn modell: Strömsrum
Tillval: 3/3 extra skift + Fläkt med styrning

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Our tiled stoves are built to give warmth for generations.

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Gabriel kakelugnar 👌 svenskt hantverk, flera olika modeller finner du här ...

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Då är dippen blandad, chipsen upphällda, gotteskålen fylld, drickan på kylning och brasan tänd. Ikväll är pappan bortrest och vi andra myser till det lite extra med talang och långfilm.✨ Det fina svenska fårskinnet hittar ni hos kilandsmattor bland många andra fina skinn och mattor. Att varje skinn är unikt syns på mitt som har en liten brun fläck i det vita.😃 Fin kväll på er!💕 #kilandsmattor #fårskinn #kakelugn #gabrielkakelugnar

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The know-how we have been building up in the area of ceramics for almost 100 years is a major asset in the artisan manufacture of tiles.
Our factory is still in the same place as at the very beginning in 1925, which in our opinion has a great symbolic value for both the company and the locality of Timmernabben.

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Invest in something that will be keeping future generations warm, as timeless as it is modern.

A tiled stove from Gabriel is an excellent choice in both old and new well insulated houses. Unlike a wood-burning stove, a tiled stove releases heat for a long time, which gives a more comfortable indoor climate. A combination of modern combustion technology and the ingenious principle of the tiled stove produces exceptionally high efficiency and very low emissions. The high efficiency of the stove also means lower heating costs compared to wood-burning stoves.

A tiled stove is a sustainable choice for you and for generations to come.

Låt kakelugnen få en plats i bostadens värmesystem. Oavsett höga energipriser, strömbortfall eller brist på sol och vind skänker kakelugnen värme, ljus och trygghet i generationer.
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The tiled stove is the reliable and long-term choice

The tiled stove is more than a beautiful décor detail that brings light and joy. It is also an excellent complement to your home heating system which, regardless of external factors, is a reliable guarantee for heat and light in your home. When you choose a tiled stove, you use your heart as well as your head.

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From ancient times, fire and the fireplace have been what has warmed our homes. Fortunately, things are moving ahead and today there are several alternatives that can be used as a primary heat source. However, it is worth considering that virtually all of today’s modern heating options depend on electricity to work.

The tiled stove provides warmth, light and assurance regardless of power failure, high energy prices or lack of sun and wind.

That is why we believe that the tiled stove, with its excellent and proven properties as a heat source, should be an integral part of a modern heating system.


Match your tiled stove to your style. Thanks to our craftsmanship we can customise your tiled stove to your unique requirements.
Dare to challenge us, we want to make you happy!