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Can the brass details on the tiled stove be replaced?


If for some reason you want to replace hatches, frames, soot covers etc., it can be done. However, the cassette must be removed in order to replace the frame surrounding the fireplace insert. Contact your nearest dealer and they can assist you with this.

The tiled stove is difficult to ignite


A tiled stove can be a bit slow to start up. First, try to keep the door ajar when you light the fire. If things do not get better, you can also have a window or a door ajar at start-up. The reason why the stove is difficult to start is usually high underpressure in the home.

Many people install a DraftBooster (start-up fan) on the chimney if they encounter problems with underpressure. If you have a fresh air connection from the outside, make sure that the ventilation grille is not blocked or that the fresh air hose does not have any kinks.

What does the fan do?


The fan is designed to quickly spread the heat in the room. The large mass of the tiled stove means that it takes a relatively long time for the furnace to get hot. The fan blows cool air through ducts in the fireplace insert and quickly spreads the heated air in the room.

Can an external chimney be used when a tiled stove has a relatively low flue gas temperature?


There should be no problem having the chimney on the outside. What can happen is that cold blockages may form in the chimney pipe, preventing up-draught. This can be remedied by burning an ignition pad in the upper soot hole on the tiles stove, the air in the chimney pipe is then heated and the blockages disappears.

You can also install a Draft Booster, a flue gas fan mounted on the chimney, which you turn on when you light up the stove.

Chimney blockages are a relatively common problem in the autumn when you should put your stove into operation after it has been left unused for a long time.